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The BEBA can - safe & sustainable in the packaging


Safe & sustainable: The BEBA can can be fully recycled, because all components of our cans are recyclable – for the sake of the environment.

Why do we pack our BEBA infant milk in a can?

Our so-called "white plate cans" are made of very high-quality metal and thus offer optimal protection for our sensitive products. No substances can penetrate from the outside. In addition, the milk powder is well protected from external influences such as .B. damage (if your can falls down), water (if your baby spills something around the can) or heat (when it steams in the kitchen)!


And how sustainable are these doses?

All components of our cans are recyclable. You can easily dispose of the lid, spoon, foil and can separately from each other in the recycling bin or in the yellow bag and all materials can be completely recycled. You can now also find a hint of this on the BEBA can back.

The advantage of our packaging is that each component consists of a mono material (only one "type" of plastic or metal). The can is made of tinplate, the spoon and the lid made of polyethylene, the film made of aluminium. This allows for complete recyclability when the individual components are disposed of separately.

Many people think that sheet metal is rather bad in recycling and therefore bad for the environment. In fact, however, the recycling rate of sheet metal in Germany is very high – for example, about 90% of the sheet metal waste generated is recycled – other materials have not yet achieved this rate. On the other hand, the so-called composite films are quite different. These consist of several layers of different types of plastic and are therefore less recyclable or not recyclable at all. These films are often used in plastic bags in cardboard packaging.

Even if our can is super suitable for recycling, you can of course also recycle it for your own purpose – just take a look at our ideas for creative recycling.


Why don't you use environmentally friendly paper cartons?

Paper cartons are indeed great in terms of recycling. The crux: the carton is not sufficient to protect sensitive milk powder from external influences. Therefore, the powder is filled in plastic bags. These bags often consist of the above-case composite films, which can hardly be recycled or not at all. That's why we use our tinplate tin wherever possible.

Our goal is to make all our packaging 100% recyclable or reusable in order to make a significant contribution to the reduction of packaging waste.


How can I contribute myself?

It is very simple – just put the lid, spoon, foil and can separately in the recyclable bin or the yellow sack and all components can be recycled. It is important that you dispose of the materials individually, as the sorting systems can then work optimally and separate the packaging materials.

Everyone can make their contribution – and with BEBA & your help it is very easy to do something for the environment. Be there!


We answer your questions

The baby service will be happy to inform you about the new generation BEBA follow-up milk and the availability of our infant milk. You can chat with us or use the contact form.

Wichtiger Hinweis:

Stillen ist das Beste für dein Baby. Denn Muttermilch ist ideal zusammengesetzt, verhilft zu einem guten Schutz vor Infektionen sowie Allergien und fördert zugleich die Mutter-Kind-Beziehung. Darüber hinaus ist Stillen die preiswerteste Art der Ernährung. Je früher und häufiger du dein Baby anlegst, desto eher kommt der Milchfluss in Gang. Eine ausgewogene Ernährung in der Schwangerschaft und nach der Entbindung begünstigt das Stillen. Die Entscheidung, nicht zu stillen, kann nur schwer rückgängig gemacht werden und das Zufüttern von Säuglingsnahrung kann den Stillerfolg beeinträchtigen. Sprich mit deinem Kinderarzt oder deiner Hebamme, wenn du eine Säuglingsnahrung verwenden willst. Eine unsachgemäße Zubereitung von Säuglingsnahrung, eine Verwendung von nicht als Säuglingsnahrung geeigneten Lebensmitteln oder eine unangemessene Ernährung kann zu gesundheitlichen Beeinträchtigungen führen. Bitte beachte deshalb sorgfältig die Hinweise und Zubereitungsanleitungen auf den Packungen.



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